Friday, 2 December 2016

Pirate Invasion!

Last week, something very strange happened at St. Anthony's. As we arrived at school, on a biting cold Friday morning, we began to notice some rather unusual objects. On the gates, we spotted this warning tape:

In the playground, a huge pirate flag was waving in the wind and all around the school we found keys, a gold earring, gold bars, many eye-patches and some seashells, amongst other clues. How bizarre!

When we went into class, in every room we found a pirate flag and a very odd (and some thought rather suspicious) letter from Mr. A. R. R. Buckles from the museum of Precious Incredible Rare And Treasured Exhibits.

After reading the letter, every class spent some time exploring and investigating the school grounds for clues. In St. Julie's Class, the children decided that anyone wearing stripes must be an undercover pirate! Some classes even suspected members of staff- how dare they?!

Eventually, we discovered the treasure that Mr. Buckles was searching for!

Here are some of the fantastic pieces of writing that children from St. Anthony's created on Friday:

Saturday, 19 November 2016

Book Corner!

Erhun, our Chairperson, would like to recommend 'Winston Was Worried', by Pamela Duncan Edwards and Benji Davies:

The book is about a dog called Winston who thought he was unlucky because he had a splinter and then a wobbly tooth.

But, what he didn't realise was that his friends were even more unfortunate than he was.

It is a very funny book and I would recommend it for anyone from Reception to Year 2 (maybe even Year 3).


Wonderful Writing!

This week we have been celebrating Friendship Week at school- we'll put up some pictures of some great friendship writing next week.

Here's some of the marvellous writing we have spotted this week!

Congratulations to Emily in St. Agnes for this fantastic spooky story that she wrote at home. Emily was chosen to be our Writer of the Week! Hooray!

A big congratulations to Julia in St. Anne's Class for this handy poem to help us all to learn our 3 x table.

Monday, 14 November 2016

Reading Leader Recommendations!

 Source: pinterest
Your wonderful Reading Leaders have some book suggestions for you, especially if you are in Middle School!

Thank you to Callum and Mwayi for these excellent reviews- they certainly made me want to go out and read these books straight away! Click on the pictures to make them larger and easier to read:

Fabulous Writing!

 Source: clipartkid

Take a look at this week's wonderful writing, spotted by our Talent Finders!

Writer of the Week!
A huge congratulations to Imogen in St. Patrick's Class, for her award-winning letter of advice:

A special mention to Sophia in Year 6, for this excellent explanation:
Such beautiful presentation, too!

 By Elohor, St. John's

By Jack G, St. Paul's

Remembrance Poetry

Source: Chris Holley

On Friday, we remembered all those who had died or been affected by war. This year, the Royal British Legion wanted us to remember not only those who died in World Wars One and Two, but also those affected by wars since then and even today.

We had a special service at 10:45am, ending with a two minute silence and reflection at 11:00am. Can you remember why we hold our silence at exactly 11:00?

In the week before the service, we made poppy artwork and a wreath to offer in memory of the victims of war. Children from every class offered their wreath during the service. It was very special, moving and sombre.

Some children from St. John's class read their wonderful poems in the service. Lots of classes also wrote beautiful Remembrance poetry, including these lovely examples:

 By St. Francis' Class

 By Elohor, St. John's Class

By Jack G, St. Paul's Class

Your War, Our Fight
We were the living, we are the dead,
Below the crosses our bodies lie,
Upon the blood-red poppies, dropped shells from above,
In our dreams, they still reach for us.
Watching our brothers die, we struggled on,
Drowning for your freedom,
We thought we would be heroes and yet we perished,
Now we lie beneath the mud, on which we fought your war.
We loved, but love no more,
Families weep receiving tragic telegrams,
Those who loved us; love us more.
The poppies grow above our hearts, which hold the Lie they told us,
Dulce et decorum est, pro patria mori.
By, St. Clare’s Class

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

We Need Your Writing!

 We need your writing! Come and show your fantastic work to Mrs Parrott or our Talent Finders (Daniel O, Eri or Yasmin).